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A member of the established McQwin Group, McQwin Industries is the Fly Control Equipment top producer in Malaysia, with a reputable company history established since 1984. McQwin Industries’ insect killers and fly traps are durable, safe, hygienic and easy to use. Through many years of trial and research, our products are industrially proven with a massive clientele. Besides insect killers and fly traps, McQwin carries other products such as air sterilizers, convex mirrors, hygiene mats and many more. McQwin’s products are viewed with high regards from the most notable and major food and beverages clients across Malaysia. This shows that our products are favoured to those who regard quality and durability of McQwin Industries’ production.


One thing that sets McQwin apart is that the material durability of our chassis and the close partnership of technology with our Japanese and American suppliers.


Our Fly control units uses a specific Special Application Fluorescent Blacklight Chemical Lamps from NEC, Japan. Over the years of trials and testing, NEC Blacklight Chemical Lamps proves to be the most effective and cost-efficient as it last longer and cost less than the other imported brands available in the market.


As for our Commercial Air Sterilizers, the UVC lamps are directly imported from New York, USA with the quality that can outdo other brands with double the effectiveness and double the longevity.


At McQwin, we work carefully to select the right and well-presented personnel to properly provide the best possible service to our customers. It is our most due imperative that our service is quick and efficient to surpass others in order to stay competitive in this fast paced globalized world. We will continuously adapt and train our employees on hand to achieve this.