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Sticky WATERWHEEL Flies Trap

Sticky WATERWHEEL Flies Trap


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McQwin's flies trap uses a specific application fluorescent black light chemical lamps from NEC, Japan to attract flying insects to be trapped by the temperature optimised glue board that can easily replaced.

This range of Sticky flies trap have innovative designs with decorative and unique covers to hide the glue board and insect catch, providing discreet and environmentally friendly fly control, is a premium choice for HACCP food management programs, restaurants, bakeries, food processing factories, canteen, cafeteria, food court.


Flies Trap Model  Waterwheel 80
Chemical Lamp 20 watt (Tubular Tube) x 4 Tube
Size (L,H,W) 61.9cm X 20.8cm X 61cm
Glue board code GB250X430


  • Powerful UV light
  • Temperature optimised glue board
  • Hygienic solution
  • Slim, silent, decorative and discreet flying insect trap
  • Good to have for restaurants, bakeries, food processing factories, canteen, cafeteria and food court
  • Factory warranty given

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