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Sparky Electric Insect Killers eliminates flying insects through its conductive voltage in its electric grid, charged by its internal transformer. The voltage is high enough to instantly electrocute the flying insects that are attracted to the luminous UV-A light bulb made from Japan. Sparky units are extremely effective and have the highest rating in flying insects control.

In certain situations and environment, a zapping insect killer electrocuting flying insects that produces airborne spores are not hygienic especially in areas of food and beverages preparation or clean processing rooms in order to fulfil the food and safety regulations such as GMP, HACCP, ISO and etc.


With no fuss and muss, Sticky FlIes Traps with the same luminous UV-A light technology from Japan attracts the flying insects to be trapped by the temperature-optimised glue board that can be easily replaced. This range of Sticky units are silent and clean, comes in various sizes and designs, and operates discreetly as a lighting unit.

Attractive and Effective

To determine the suitability for each fly control unit to premises circumstances, a series of test was designed to compare the effectiveness of Sparky & Sticky units.

The graph above reflects the recommended fly control units in its availability of placement to the area of coverage amount. The graph allows an easier guideline to ensure the optimum effectiveness for the McQwin’s fly control units.

The graph above reveals the calculated “Half Life Time” for McQwin’s Sparky and Sticky range. In order to measure the ability in time to catch or zap 50% of flies in an area, a test was done using this a sample for overall effectiveness.

For high risk areas and to lure away or prevent flying insects from reaching the target clean area, the Sparky Electric Insect Killers are recommended. This is because of its effectiveness of its transformer in electrocuting the flying insects in comparative with Sticky Insect Traps in its usage of glue paper.

However, Sticky Insect Traps are more viable in terms or hygienic and cleanliness purposes in instances like areas of food and beverage preparation.

In both range of units, it is tested that the fly control units that uses a higher power of the UV-A light bulbs are more effective in attracting flying insects. (Refer to graph B.)


Breezy O³ Commercial Air Sterilizer is extremely effective in eliminating unwanted odours, smoke and airborne pollutants. Breezy O³ is dynamic in its usage as it can reach corners and nooks of a certain place or object that disinfectant liquids and sprays cannot reach. Breezy O³ uses a special germicidal ultraviolet lamp that produces ozone (tri-oxygen molecule, O³) that when reacts with any airborne or surface pollutants, it will decimate the pollutants’ cell structure and decomposes it back to normal O² again. Breezy O³ germicidal lamps are made and imported from USA, and fitted with an attractive designed stainless steel body. Breezy O³ will effectively sanitize, disinfect and refresh any rooms, buildings, and even vehicles for rejuvenation in a very short period of time, into a fresh, new smell once again.

Features & Benefits

  • Easily mounted or portable to move
  • Discreet designed
  • Easy maintenance
  • Durable and long lasting USA germicidal Lamps
  • Rejuvenate rooms, buildings, vehicles, objects and any material
  • Eliminates smoke, odours, bacteria, viruses, germs and airborne pollutants
  • Eco-friendly, non- chemical and easy to use
  • Cost- effective with very minimal maintenance or parts replacement
  • Prolonged expiry and decomposition of fresh goods or factory storage

Where it can be used

  • Smoking area
  • Hotel rooms (Housekeeping)
  • Function / Banquet rooms
  • Supermarkets
  • Manufacturing
  • Factory storage
  • Lounges
  • Rest rooms / toilets
  • Pet shops
  • Restaurants
  • Vehicles