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Sparky Thunderbolt Series Insect Killer

Sparky Thunderbolt Series Insect Killer


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McQwin's electronic insect killer uses a specific application fluorescent black light chemical lamps from NEC, Japan to attract flying insects onto a high voltage killing grid to eradicate them. The insects subsequently fall into a catch-tray.

McQwin's black light lamp is proves to be the most effective and cost-efficient as it last longer and cost less than the other brands available in the market. It features with high quality ballast and transformer for optimum the insect killer performance with greater longevity. 


Insect Killer Model  Thunderbolt 30 Thunderbolt 60 Thunderbolt 40 Thunderbolt 80
Chemical Lamp (Tubular) 15 watt x 2 Tube 15 watt x 4 Tube 20 watt x 2 Tube 20 watt x 4 Tube
Size (L,H,W) 46cm X 35cm X 13.5cm 61cm X 39cm X 13.5cm


  • Powerful UV black light
  • Extremely durable
  • Low maintenance fee
  • Easy removable tray
  • Parts and components are replaceable
  • 3 choice of mounting
    • Ceiling mount
    • Wall mount
    • Table top
  • Factory warranty provided

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